Church Logo  

About Us

We are the family of God, worshiping and working together. We accept Jesus Christ as our personal Savior. We crown Him Lord in our lives. We receive God’s Holy Word as divinely inspired Scripture. We seek to minister in Christ’s name, to the glory of God, our heavenly Father. We are a loving and caring church. We invite you and your loved ones to join us in our mission of spiritual, evangelistic and social outreach.

Spiritual Outreach

We acclaim the preaching and teaching of God’s Word. We seek to nurture faith through prayer and Bible study. We seek to be good stewards of God’s grace, giving of our talents and gifts. We seek to know God’s love and receive God’s guidance in our daily lives.

Evangelistic Outreach

We gather together so we may each feel a mutual bonding in Christ. We witness to the love of God, in Jesus Christ, seeking to meet the needs of the church family and community.

Social Outreach

As a church family we witness to God’s love. We do so by participating in and supporting community projects and people. Some of our cares and concerns include: Peoria Presbyterian Pre-School Vacation Bible School Agua Fria Food Bank Habitat for Humanity DUET (Partners in Health & Aging) New Life Center  


  Our church was founded in 1892 and was the first church in the town of Peoria. We have been a member of the Presbyterian denomination since our original founding families from Peoria, Illinois, settled here. Over the years, the Lord has added to our church family. Expansions and improvements of our buildings and grounds are a testimony to the talents and dedication of our members.